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Mirae Asset Horizons MSCI China ETF (Stock Code: 3040)

Gain exposure to the popular China theme

  • Value Added Tax reform and urbanisation are key drivers to consumer and healthcare sectors.
  • The resources pricing reform is expected to boost performance of energy sector stocks.

Why invest in the MSCI China?

  • A wide coverage of stocks with a market universe encompassing China H, China B, P chips and Red chips. The constituents in the underlying index amount to 139[1]

Features of Horizons MSCI China ETF:

  • The annualised management fee is at 4.9 bps, lower than similar ETFs[2] in Hong Kong by 40 bps[3].
  • The On-going charges is at 37 bps, lower than similar ETFs[2] by 24 bps[3]
Source: Bloomberg (data as of 31st May, 2015)
“Similar ETFs” refers to ETFs covering securities in China (except China A-shares)
Source: Bloomberg and Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited (data as of 31st May, 2015)


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