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Mirae Asset Horizons S&P Global Consumer Brands ETF (Stock Code: 3056)

Tracking Difference / Tracking Error

Tracking Difference (TD)

* Tracking difference is the return difference between the Fund and the Underlying Index over a certain period of time.

Tracking Error (TE)

* Tracking error measures how consistently the Fund follows the Underlying Index. It is the volatility (measured by standard deviation) of that return difference.

Tracking Difference

{{ tdtedate }}

Fund Listing Date 27 Jan 2012

Rolling 1 Year TD: {{tdval}}

TD for Calendar Year 2016: -0.99%

TD for Calendar Year 2015: -0.89%

TD for Calendar Year 2014: -0.63%

TD for Calendar Year 2013: -1.78%

Tracking Error


Fund Listing Date 27 Jan 2012

Rolling 1 Year TE: [1] {{teval}}

Graph For Tracking Difference

* ETF's performance is calculated on an NAV to NAV basis and assumes reinvestment of distributions.